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Few people can provide the expert insight into photography than a model turned photographer. Because of the unique perspective of having experience on both sides of the camera, former models can impart a bevy of advice to novice photographers looking to hone their trade. Here are six tips designed to help photographers capture the true essence of their subject:

Communication is Key

Effective communication between the photographer and the client is a fundamental factor in producing the highest quality photos. Savvy photographers understand the importance of directing the subject into poses while providing positive reinforcement. By complementing the model on what they are doing right, the confidence will emerge and this will shine through in the final product.

Project Openness

The best pictures are those that appear open and relaxed. Photographers should make an effort to encourage their subjects to remain relaxed in order to project a natural shape and pose.

Encourage Movement

Giving the model an action to perform aids in the relaxation and encourages natural poses and facial expressions. By providing the subject something else to focus on, they will organically loosen up and produce better shots. Natural wind or a fan are ideal ways to add fluidity to the project while encouraging movement.

Practice Loose Hands

A tense subject will often express their nervousness through clenched hands. Good photographers recognize this tendency and are mindful of ensuring that the model is practicing the use of loose hands. A good rule to follow is to encourage the subject to hold their hands as if they were gripping an egg. This will ensure that the hands remain relaxed and not tight.

Chin Position

The universally recognized most attractive position for a model is for the chin to be pushed out and down. This pose naturally helps to elongate the neck and ensure a stronger jawline presentation. Lighting should be chosen in a way that accentuates lines. In most cases, natural light or soft hues provide the most appealing shots.

Personalize Gear

Know your subject and pick your gear accordingly so that you bring out the best features in your model. Handpick props and lenses so that your subject is set up to provide the most flattering pictures.