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The Blue Rooms Studio

Photographic Studio

The Blue Rooms Studio is a London-based state of the art, professional photographic studio. Equipped with contemporary digital apparatus, The Blue Rooms Studio’s enthusiastic staff provide individuals with personalised and tailor-made experiences to meet their exact portfolio requirements.

<div class="client-quote"> <h5> “I went to The Blue Rooms and they made me feel very welcome. The staff were very friendly and professional and they gave me very useful and valuable advice. The pictures looked fabulous and I fell in love with them. They helped me to build my professional model portfolio out of the images and it was worth every penny. I’d like to say a big thank you to The Blue Rooms team for the wonderful experience and I would definitely recommend their studios if you are looking to put together a professional model portfolio.” </h5> -<strong>A recent testimonial</strong></div>

As a result of 15 years of expansive modelling experience, The Blue Rooms Studio has earned itself the reputation of being one of the countries leading fashion photographic studios, particularly for their work with aspiring models. Without an up to date and expertly produced portfolio, a model runs the risk of limiting their chances of finding work and/or being signed by an agency, hence The Blue Rooms takes great pride in offering quality and varied portfolio services to each and every client.

Their team of industry professionals consist of twenty-five photographers, make-up artists and hair stylists, all of whom have distinct fashion backgrounds working in collaboration with some of the world’s most famed names.

Over the course of the years, The Blue Rooms Studio has developed a process which strengthens aspiring models’ chances of achieving their personal career ambitions. Specialising in the all-important process of portfolio production (tailoring portfolios and progression routes to each model) The Blue Rooms Studio is recognised as one of the market leaders for providing highly efficient model portfolio services.

As an industry market leader, they are recognised for their consistent, high-end portfolio packages and their photo shoot services. With over 15 years of model related experience, The Blue Rooms Studio has been able to work with thousands of aspiring models to enable them to reach their personal career goals.

Based in the highly competitive city of London, The Blue Rooms has earned itself a well deserved reputation. The Blue Rooms team provides unparalleled service and are able to truly help aspiring models with a competitive and compelling portfolio experience.