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When it comes to photography, one of the most important steps to take is to create proper lighting. The lighting not only influences the tone of the photos but determines the quality of the images. When you want to manipulate the photo when taking pictures of models, there are a few photography lighting tips to keep in mind.

Shadows Create Volume

If you want to add volume, consider creating a shadow with your light to create three-dimensionality that will enhance the quality of the photos. Angular lighting will prove to be useful when taking pictures of models and allow them to stand out amongst the background and surroundings.

Create Diffused Light with Backlight

Allow light that is created in the background to fall onto the model to create a silhouette. You can increase the exposure by allowing the light to fall onto the person you’re photographing. Consider taking pictures in front of bright windows to create visual images that are stunning.

Remember That Light Has Colors

It’s important to keep in mind that light has color and doesn’t always look white. If you want to create a warm tone in your images, consider taking pictures of models early in the day or in the afternoon. If you want the light in the photos to look yellow, you can make use of tungsten light bulbs that are placed near the set. If you’re taking pictures with a digital camera, you can use the white-balance control, which will neutralize color and casts and also emphasize them.

Create Soft Light with Light That is Close

Moving your light source closer will prove to make it softer and broader. Moving it away from the camera will cause it to look narrow and smaller. You can change the distance of your camera from the light source depending on how you want the light to look in the pictures.

Diffusion Scatters Light

Diffusion scatters light, which occurs when clouds are in the sky or fog is present. Bouncing light also acts as diffusion, which can be done by aiming a light source at a wall or on a matte surface to make it spread farther. Backlight can even be used as highly diffused lighting in the images.